Kuno Instructions

Before your first sauna session it is important to allow the Oven to Burn Clean. Fire up the oven and let the fire burn for a sufficient amount of time to allow it to heat up the sauna stove or oven and burn off any residual grease or impurities. Aim for at least 30 minutes to an hour of burning time to ensure a thorough cleaning of the oven and chimney.

First sauna session:
Choose a suitable location for your sauna tent. Ensure it's a flat surface. We strongly advise against moving the sauna oven or stove once it has been heated up. Doing so poses significant safety risks and may result in injury or property damage.

Unfolding the Tent:
Locate the straps or handles on all sides of the tent, including the roof.Grasp these handles firmly. With a firm grip on the handles, pull outward. This action should cause the wall to pop up and take shape.

Securing the Roof:
Once the frame is fully extended, focus on the roof. Push upward on the center of the roof from inside the tent. Apply a firm and even force to ensure the roof fully extends and forms the peak of the tent.

Enjoy Your Sauna:
Once the tent is set up to your satisfaction, it's time to enjoy your sauna experience! Follow the instructions for heating the sauna and any other operational guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Dismantling and Storage:
When you're finished with your sauna session, follow the reverse process to collapse the tent. Fold the tent neatly, ensuring it is clean and dry before storing it in its carrying bag or designated storage space. By following these instructions, you should be able to efficiently set up your pop-up sauna tent and enjoy a relaxing sauna experience whenever and wherever you desire!